multi-wallet trading made easy
Upgrade your trading with Havoc’s tools. Manage wallets, track your portfolio, and seize more profit opportunities. Enjoy stress-free trading with Havoc.

Proudly KYC

Havoc has been KYC by Assure DEFI


Find new launches and set up to automatically buy when the project goes live. Control multi-wallets simultaneously to increase profit potential.


Use our automated features which include, profit taking, stop loss, and limit orders. Trade hands free!


ANTI-RUG features on the platform, can automatically sell when honeypot, or rug fuctions are called.
Our dApp has been designed for investor safety and will be audited by Assure Defi.

revenue share

$HAVOC holders will be able to claim a revenue share program, where 0.5% of all trading revenue can be claimed as a dividend to shareholders.

pay per trade

% 0.5 per Trade
  • trade unlimited wallets simultaneously
  • manage balance and multi sender
  • access to ethereum pair explorer
  • full wallet management interface
  • snipe LP add or method launches
  • anti rug features

Learn about havoc

Most frequent questions and answers

Havoc is a web based decentralized application, that allows the fastest transaction speed available on the market.
Havoc allows you to generate and control multiple wallets at the same time while harnessing essential trading tools like anti-rug, automatic profit taking, stop loss and limit orders.

Anti-rug is a specialized feature, that works to save investors from scam projects. This feature will monitor outgoing transactions from the project owner, and automatically sell if that token is about to become unsellable, or the liquidity is being pulled.
This is possible, by sending out a sell that will front-run the scam transaction on the same block.

All the  generated revenue from the Havoc platform, is given to all of the holders of the $HAVOC token. (Which is available on Uniswap)

Each holder is given a fixed rate, at whatever percentage they hold. A one percent holder (1b tokens) would be given 1% of all revenue generated on the platform.

We have initiated the proper steps in ensuring trust with our community. The owner of the project has completed KYC with AssureDefi, and has locked the liquidity for 2 years.

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havoc is a professionally run business and all enquiries regarding marketing offers or job opportunities please email us at [email protected]

please respect our wishes to remain anonymous
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